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Maldives, Lily Beach Resort, 4k

Lily Beach Resort, Maldives, Honeymoon November 2018,
Best holiday ever.

몰디브 신혼여행 쁠뤠튀넘 올~인클루시브 !? 몰디브 릴리비치 리조트 [소금쟁이 짠내용진 Ep.3]

짠내가족 여러분! 짠내나는 짠내용진이 오랜만에 돌아왔습니다~
신혼여행하면 생각나는 몰.디.브
오늘은 '플래티넘 올인클루시브'로 유명한
몰디브 릴리비치 리조트를 1인 380만 원에 도전해보겠슴돠!
과연 성공할지? 실패할지? 지켜봐주세요^^

1. 항공
인천에서 몰디브를 가는 방법은 굉장히 많은데요
사실 가장 추천드리는 가장 빠른 항공 노선인 대한항공입니다.
하지만 가..격...이 넘나 비싸므로 ㅜㅜ PASS
높은 가격은 짠내용진한테 큰 적이죠!
그래서 제가 선택한 항공사는 싱가폴 항공입니다.
싱가폴 항공의 장점은 정말 많은데요.
저렴한 가격, 나름 짧은 비행시간, 적은 지연 운행, 스타 얼라이언스, 마일리지 적립
많아도 너무 많죠 ㅎㅎㅎ 굿~
일정은 5월 9일 토요일 출발 5월 15일 금요일 도착 4박 7일 스케줄로 알아봤을 때
1인 당 약 1,009,700 원의 항공 요금이 나오네요.

2. 리조트
리조트는 제목에 써있듯이 릴리비치 리조트를 갈 예정인데요.
그 이유 첫번째, 트립 어드바이저 선정 2019 트래블러스 초이스에 선정이 된 리조트이기 때문이죠!
그 이유 두번째, 플래티넘 올인클루시브
이름만 들어도 뭔가 있어보이지 않나요? ㅋㅋ
식사+음료+주류+익스커션 모든게 포함된 것이 바로 플래티넘 올인클루시브입니다!
특히, 아쿠 바와 바이브 바는 무조건 가는 것을 강추!
80여 가지의 와인과 각종 술들을 마음껏 드실 수 있다는 사실 ㅎㄷㄷ
각설하고 이제 요금을 볼까요?
가성비있게 비치빌라 2박 + 워터빌라 2박
비치빌라는 1인당 877,626 원
워터빌라는 1인당 1,579,103 원 이 나오네요.

아 맞다! 중간이동 편 요금을 깜빡할 뻔 했네요ㅜㅜ
리조트 중간이동 요금은 거의 50만 원 가까이 하는 489,071 원이네요; 이런,,,

흑흑...15만원 넘게 예산이 초과했습니다 ㅠㅠ
1인 380만 원 몰디브 릴리비치 가는 거 정령 불가능한건가요?

※ 허니문리조트는 가능합니다 ※
허니문리조트 요금으로는 이 모든 걸 다 포함해서!
$2,316 x 1,200 원 = 2,779,200 원
항공요금 999,700 원
= 1인 총 3,778,900 원

자세한 내용이 궁금하다면
허니문리조트 신혼여행 박람회↓


Lily Beach Resort & Spa | Best All-Inclusive Resort in Maldives

The Award Winning All Inclusive Resort in the Maldives

Located at Huvahendhoo, the 5-star all-inclusive Lily Beach Resort and Spa presents luxurious villas and suites with free Wi-Fi access throughout the property. 2 outdoor pools, a diving center and 5 food and beverage options await guests.

Set on the island of South Ari Atoll, which is 601 m in length and 111 m wide, Lily Beach Resort is a 25-minute sea plane ride away from Male International Airport.

There are countless reasons to choose Lily Beach Resort \u0026 Spa for a holiday - perfect location, warm, crystal clear sea, soft sandy beaches, and sunny days with year-round balmy temperatures. Here are 5 to kick-start that holiday feeling...
1. Incredible All-Inclusive Plan
The Maldives and a carefree holiday go hand in hand and Lily’s Platinum Plan allows guests to indulge in a hassle-free, excellent value-for-money holiday. A fantastic array of quality services, such as fine dining experiences, dreamy excursions, sports activities, and high-quality products like premium wines and spirits are all included.
2. Great Food
The sumptuous, all-inclusive buffet spreads at Lily Maa are an uncontested culinary delight, renowned throughout the Maldives. Explore the fine-dining scene on the island too with tastes of Asia at Tamarind, a teppanyaki theatre of gastronomy and a culinary journey through a five-course degustation menu at Les Turquoise D’Aqva.
3. Kids' Club
A family holiday where the parents can indulge in some grown up time too sounds like a page straight from a book of fiction but with Lily Beach’s Turtle Kids Club it is most definitely a fact. From hermit crab races, crafts, water sport activities to treasure hunts, the little ones will have an absolute ball while parents take a well-deserved break with a diving trip, an indulgent spa treatment, or simply enjoying a cocktail together.
4. Sports Facilities
The workouts do not need to stop at this Maldives resort – Lily Beach has a wide array of options to keep the fitness sustained. From snorkeling and diving to gym and tennis along with everything water sport too, anyone who said there is nothing to do in the Maldives has never been!
5. Friendly, multi-cultural team
The team at Lily Beach are ready and waiting with their amazing smiles and dedication to providing the best possible service to their guests.
We are sure that once you have visited Lily Beach Resort and Spa it will be possible to create a list with many, many more reasons to return.

At Lily Beach there is only one all-inclusive plan, the Platinum Plan, and it even includes Taittinger Brut Champagne! A la carte dining each week along with sumptuous buffets with a multitude of delicious dishes to choose from will make dining on the all-inclusive plan an absolute delight.
It’s not all about the wining and dining though, if a little balance is desired there are complimentary fitness classes with something for everyone – from the lively Zumba to cool, calm and collected yoga; parents can enjoy these too as the Turtle Kids Club is ready and waiting for the little ones at no extra cost. The all-inclusive doesn’t end at the resort either – there are excursions included too, so it’s possible to explore even more of the Maldives without spending another dollar.




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