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Florida State University Campus Tour | 2021

I hope you enjoy my Florida State University campus tour for 2021! Welcome to all of the newly admitted fsu students, congratulations!

In this fsu campus tour I take you all across our campus from landis green to strozier library to doak campbell stadium, westcott fountain and more! I show you the fsu circus, dining halls, dorms, classroom buildings and talk about some of fsu students' favorite campus traditions. Welcome FSU Class of 2025 !

Thank you so much to the people who made this video possible!
- Videographer: Forrest Roy - @forrestroy
- Drone Footage: Rillan Dasallas - @jrilian
- Drone and Other Footage: Luke Liles - @lilesman

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Florida State University: Why Florida State

There is probably no other large public university with a stronger culture of commitment to student success. Florida State University offers you a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. With more than 130 majors and nationally ranked programs in the arts, sciences, social sciences and business, you can study what you love and work one-on-one with dedicated, world-class professors.

Road Trip To Florida State University!

This is a new segment I would like to do every once in a while... Just drive somewhere with some friends and mess around for a couple days. I had a lot of fun hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

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